Woman Wins Damages from Hospital in Birth Injury Lawsuit.

A judge has ruled in favor of Helen Coyle, 45, in a birth injury lawsuit in which Coyle asked for millions of dollars in personal injury damages to compensate for injuries her son suffered 20 years ago during his delivery.

The judge, who presided of the Court of Session in Edinburgh, England, found that there was a “causal connection” between 20 year-old Ryan Coyle’s cerebral palsy and negligence by midwives at Bellshill Maternity Hospital during his birth in August 1993.

During his birth, Ryan became stuck in his mother’s birth canal, and lost the supply of oxygen to his brain.  Midwives overseeing the birth waited several minutes before calling for a doctor to expedite the birth, and Ryan remained stuck in his mother’s birth canal for over 30 minutes.  Upon being born, Ryan had to be resuscitated with suction and oxygen.  The judge found that the midwives negligently failed to call for immediate medical assistance during Coyle’s birth, which would have prevented his birth injuries.

Helen Coyle originally sought 15 million Euro in damages, but it has not yet been revealed what the final award would be.

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