Woman Awarded $3 Million After Suffering Stroke While Giving Birth in Massachusetts Hospital.

Having a healthy child can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences a person can go through.  When your baby is wrongfully injured by the negligence of another person, however, it can become one of the most tragic and frightening experiences of your life. Soon to be parents trust medical providers to utilize their extensive knowledge, unique skills and available technology to detect any potential problems and to make sure that the birthing process is carried out smoothly and properly.  If there is an oversight or a mistake during the delivery process, serious, life-long injuries can result.  When that happens, the doctors involved in the medical malpractice may be held accountable for the personal injuries they cause.

Giving birth is an extremely stressful and strenuous time for a mother’s body. Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and hormones are all significantly changing and shifting for hours.  This places a tremendous strain on the body, which can result in serious injuries.  One woman, for example, unfortunately suffered a hemorrhagic stroke  during the birth of her first child.  Fortunately, the woman was stabilized and placed under observation while at the hospital. Eventually, however, the woman’s condition began to worsen and hospital staff agreed that it was going to be necessary to drain fluid from the woman’s brain in order to alleviate the pressure.

There was a communication mistake, however, and the drain of fluid was never performed.  The woman eventually lost consciousness and was unresponsive.  According to masslawyersweekly.com, doctors performed an emergency drain, but not in time to prevent significant cognitive and physical defects.  The woman now suffers permanent disabilities, allegedly as a result of the delay in the drain.  The hospital, being the alleged cause of the woman’s injuries, agreed to pay her $3 million to compensate her for her medical expenses and future loss of enjoyment of life due to her disabilities.

If you or a family member have been injured while giving birth, or suffered an injury due to a doctor’s negligence during your birth, you may be able to hold the hospital or doctor accountable.  Contact our Massachusetts birthing injury attorneys to learn about your legal options.  To get your free and private consultation, please email info@gilhoylaw.com or call us any time of day at 617-787-3700.  

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