Tori Spelling Remains In Hospital After Birth Injury.

Tori Spelling remains in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery due to life-threatening complications from her recent C-section. 

A spokesperson for Spelling stated that she was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, September 15, after suffering complications from the birth of her fourth child, Finn, on August 30.

Spelling reportedly suffered personal injuries from a C-section while giving birth to Finn, which likely caused the recent life-threatening complications.

Additional details on Spelling’s condition have yet to be released, but she is apparently recovering well. In fact, she posted several articles on her blog this week.

This is the second time that Spelling has been hospitalized for complications following childbirth.  In October 2011, Spelling was previously hospitalized with severe migraines following the birth of her third child, Hattie.

Birth injuries have serious, often tragic consequences for mothers, children and their families. Birth injuries often occur as a result of a preventable doctor’s mistake. 

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