Hidden Shocking Truths About C-Sections.

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According to a Consumer Reports’ investigation, hospitals and doctors across the country are performing cesarean sections for expectant mothers to drive up hospital bills, even at the expense of the mother and child’s best health interests. The investigation uncovered that in more than 1,500 United States hospitals, too many babies were delivered via C-section. Although recognizing that some C-sections are indisputably necessary for the health and wellbeing of the mother and child, the investigation noticed that many hospitals with high C-section rates actually documented birthing procedures unsupported by professional guidelines. In other words, in many of the country’s hospitals, babies are coming into the world through unnecessary and ill-adviced C-sections.

The statistics fluctuated greatly between even neighboring hospitals. For example, nearly 55% of pregnant women anticipating low-risk deliveries undergo a C-section at the Los Angeles Community Hospital. Those are women who have never undergone a C-section before, have not gone into labor prematurely, and who have a baby who is properly positioned in the womb for delivery. Conversely, at the California Hospital Medical Center, also in L.A., only 15% of low-risk pregnant patients are given a C-section. Diverging statistics also were found in Texas and Colorado between neighboring hospitals. This investigation tends to show unequivocally that C-sections are being offered too liberally across the country.

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