Standards for Physicians and Damages Cap for Medical Malpractice May Be Raised in California.

In California, the amount of money damages that victims of medical malpractice, medication errors and birth injury cases can seek may be increased. In addition, the professional standards for doctors may be raised, so as to encourage physicians to avoid negligence in their practices. 

For those who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of doctors and physicians in California, they may soon be able to ask for more money in damages than the $250k maximum now allowed under California law for pain and suffering.  The damages cap would be raised to $1.1 million. The new California law being proposed  would also raise the acceptable standards of care for doctors. California doctors would be required to keep medication and prescription databases, and would also be subject to random alcohol and drug testing.

According to research, there has been a long history of frequent medical mistakes made by professionals in the medical field in California and around the world. Some of these mistakes include missed cancer, ectopic pregnancy and heart attack diagnoses.  As a result of these findings, there have been some significant changes made in the medical and legal fields, so that mistakes like these can be prevented.

Under the new California legislation being considered, the pain and suffering damages cap would not only be raised to $1.1 million; it would also not be locked in, but would  instead rise with inflation.

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