Parents Say Use Of Forceps During Birth Killed Their Baby Girl.

The parents of a newborn born late December in a Port Arthur, Texas hospital are suing the hospital hoping their daughter’s death will be remembered. Their daughter was born brain dead after suffering a fractured skull and severed spinal chord, which they say was caused by the use of forceps during delivery.

According to the parents, they enjoyed a healthy and happy ninth month pregnancy before going to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas for the baby’s delivery. Doctors used forceps during an attempted assisted vaginal birth, and later delivered the baby by emergency cesarean section. The baby, named Olivia Marie Coats, is one of a small number of babies who are delivered in the United States using forceps. In fact, only 1% of assisted vaginal births utilize forceps in delivery. It was the forceps, the parents believe, that caused the severe birth injuries.

Olivia’s parents are speaking out against the use of forceps in assisted vaginal births, hoping their daughter’s death can be made into something life changing for others. They want to see “The Olivia Law” put into legislation to prevent forceps procedure during births, that way this terrible tragedy will never befall another family again.

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