Ohio Jury Awards $2,750,000 To Victim of Birth Injuries.

On January 31, 2018, a jury in Montgomery County, Ohio returned a verdict of $2,750,000 in favor of Matthew Harrison and against obstetrician Dr. Andre Harris, MD, of Dayton, Ohio, and his company Horizon Women’s Healthcare, LLC. The plaintiffs were represented by Ohio attorneys Pamela Pantages and Jeffrey M. Heller. According to court documents, the injured plaintiff was born with a permanent brachial plexus injury, or essentially, a near-paralyzed right arm. He had Apgar scores of 1, 3 and 6. His right arm was flail, and a skull x-ray revealed head swelling, cephalohematoma, and shifting of the skull bones.

At trial, the obstetric experts all agreed that Matthew needed to be delivered by either vacuum extraction or cesarean. The delivering physician, Defendant Andre Harris, M.D., chose the vacuum without counseling Matthew’s mother, Maurita Henry. “This is where the malpractice began,” said Attorney Pantages. All the testifying obstetricians, including Dr. Harris himself, agreed that obstetricians are taught in their training the 3-pop off/20 minute safety rule. If the vacuum pops-off the baby’s head three times in 20 minutes, the delivering obstetrician is required to abandon the vacuum and deliver by cesarean,” she said.

In the jury’s verdict, they indicated Dr. Harris’s violation of the 3-pop off safety rule caused a shoulder dystocia and exposed Matthew to an unnecessary risk of injury. After nearly 4 hours of deliberation, the jury compensated Matthew with $1.5 million in damages for his past medical bills, cost of future care and reduced future earning capacity, $750,000 for his pain and suffering, and $500,000 to his mother for her loss of consortium claim.

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