New Zealand Man Considers Lawsuit Against Hospital for Baby’s Injuries in Tragic Case.

David Milton is speaking to lawyers after a tragic sequence of events resulted in his child’s throat being slashed, his wife being taken to the hospital with slashed wrists, and Milton himself nearly arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The tragic sequence began last week, when Milton’s wife, Sucharitta Milton, went to the Southland Hospital and pleaded to be admitted. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed Sucharitta with post-natal depression and mastitis (inflammation of breast tissue). Instead of heeding Sucharitta’s pleas to admit her to the hospital, the doctors discharged her and told her to visit her family physician on Monday. In the early morning hours of Monday, September 9, 2013, David found his 3 weeks-old baby Noklair’s throat slashed and Sucharitta unconscious with slashed wrists.

Noklair and Sucharitta were rushed to emergency rooms and both have miraculously survived. Noklair underwent surgery and is awake and smiling, according to David. Sucharitta is still unconscious while receiving medical treatment. New Zealand police that responded to the emergency calls nearly arrested David on suspicion of attempted murder before realizing that Sucharitta was the likely culprit.

David is now meeting with lawyers in an attempt to ascertain whether the Southland Hospital is liable for medical malpractice in not admitting Sucharitta under the circumstances.

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