Irish Girl Awarded 1.3M Euros For Hospital Birth Injury.

Bronagh Colhoun’s and Ray McFeely’s daughter Sarah will be disabled for the rest of her life due to medical malpractice. Sarah, now 4 years-old, suffers from cerebral palsy in her whole body and is entirely paralyzed on the right side of her body.

In their lawsuit, the parents claimed that Ms. Colhoun arrived at the Letterkenny General Hospital on September 27, 2008, as she believed she was going into labor. She was seen my a midwife. She was given syntocinon, a drug used to induce labor, at around 2:30 PM.

About an hour and a half later, nurses noted that the CTG showed a significant change in character, suggesting there was hyperstimulation. The syntocinon was then discontinued. At approximately 6 PM, Ms. Colhoun requested an epidural, which she was given. According to hospital reports, the syntocinon was administered again at that time.

Ms. Colhoun remained in severe distress, but the rate of syntocinon was still increased, despite her discomfort. A vacuum delivery commenced at around midnight. The typically quick process took nearly an hour, as different vacuum cups had to be reapplied.

The plaintiff made three claims of instances of negligence on the part of the hospital staff, that allegedly resulted in Sarah McFeely’s birth injuries: (1) excessive administration of syntocinon to Ms. Colhoun; (2) the staff’s inability to recognize hyper stimulation; and (3) the staff’s failure to deliver the baby at the earliest time possible.

Sarah has received 1.3 million Euros as an interim payment from a settlement with the Letterkenny General Hospital for the negligent medical treatment during her birth that contributed to her severe, life-long disabilities. Sarah’s parents say that despite her disabilities, she is a bright, lively child.

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