Investigation Reveals That Newborn Died Because Doctors Failed to Properly Connect Breathing Tube.

When Stephen Hawcroft, 37, and his wife Michaela, 26, of Barnsley, England, gave birth to their daughter Summer at just 27-weeks gestation, they knew they had reason to worry.

Summer suffered from respiratory problems at birth, and doctors were forced to attach tiny Summer to a breathing apparatus.  The apparatus consisted of a tube connected to a ventilator which supplied oxygen to Summer’s lungs and brain.  Doctors hoped the apparatus would help Summer.

A short time after Summer was attached to this apparatus, however, the tube became dislodged from the ventilator while Summer was relying on it for oxygen.  Doctors failed to discover the problem for some time, which caused a severe brain injury and resulted in Summer’s death at just 49 days old. 

Authorities have initiated an inquiry into the circumstances of Summer’s death.  The investigation is ongoing.

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