Former Prisoner Settles Birth Injury Lawsuit Against County Jail for $60,000.

A woman from Kokomo, Indiana has agreed to settle her lawsuit against a prison and its employees in exchange for a $60,000 payout.

Tiffany Love was a prisoner in the Howard County Jail in Indiana in fall 2010, spending 35 days in prison after being arrested for possessing and distributing cocaine.  She stayed in jail until November, when the charges against her were dropped.

According to Love’s lawsuit, she was denied proper medical care and attention during her stay in the prison.  Ms. Love alleged that she was denied proper medications for an infection and was forced to give birth to her child on a cot in the jailhouse despite numerous pleas to be taken to a hospital.

Love’s attorney, Trent A. McCain, filed a lawsuit on Love’s behalf in September 2012.  The lawsuit named former Howard County Sheriff Marshall Talbert, nurse Whitney Moon, and correctional officers Gretchyn Strawmeyer, Harold Vincent, Joseph Baldwin as defendants, alleging that their negligence cause harm to Ms. Love and her child.

Love’s son is now three and a half, and he has no lasting effects from the allegedly improper medical care.

Despite settling the lawsuit for $60,000, Howard County officials maintain that its employees gave Love “excellent” medical care during her time at the prison.

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