Female Prisoner Settles Birth Injury Case For $2.5 Million Against State.

Marcquietta Nored, a 47 year-old woman who gave birth to a daughter while in jail and the custody of the state, filed suit against the State of Ohio claiming that her daughter’s birth injuries were directly caused by the state’s negligence.

Nored was in custody at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio throughout her pregnancy, serving time for forgery. According to Nored, the facility failed to provide her with proper prenatal care. As s a result of that failure, she says, her daughter was born with severe brain damage. Two tests were performed while Nored was locked up, showing that she was pregnant, but the staff failed to inform her about or treat her for high blood pressure. It was her high blood pressure, according to Nored’s lawyers, that caused the child to be born with brain damage.

Nored’s daughter Julia is now 7 years-old and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has difficulty walking, and will require medical attention for the remainder of her life. The state recently settled the case, paying Nored and her daughter $2.5 million in personal injury damages.

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