Family Of Child Injured At Birth Wins $3 Million Settlement From Defendant Nurse And Obstetrician.

The family of a child in Massachusetts has settled its birth injury lawsuit against the hospital, the nurse and obstetrician who were allegedly negligent in delivering the child and thereby caused the child to suffer severe and permanent injuries.

The mother of the child was admitted into the defendant hospital to deliver her baby. The mother was set up with a fetal heart rate monitor. A labor nurse checked in on the mother regularly. The mother and child initially showed no irregular medical signs or symptoms. However, after a short period of time, the child’s heart rate dropped significantly and remained low for a while. The labor nurse failed to report this information to the obstetrician.

After the labor nurse noted that the baby’s heart rate once again fell, this time even lower, she notified the obstetrician. The obstetrician ordered oxygen for the mother, but the fetal heart rate remained low. The doctor left the room.

The child had to be resuscitated immediately following birth and suffered from seizures. Some 14 months after birth, the child showed global developmental problems, including problems with learning and impaired motor skills. The child is also legally blind.

Plaintiff argued in the birth injury claim that the obstetrician violated the medical standard of care under the circumstances by failing to order an emergency Cesarean section to deliver the child when the heart rate fell to a very low point. The defendants argued that the child’s injuries had occurred even earlier, and that an emergency delivery would not have prevented the injuries.

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