Doctors Warning Against Dangers Of Inducing Labour Unnecessarily.

The practice of inducing labour has become more and more prevalent because of the busy schedules of expectant mothers. Although induction might not be medically necessary, doctors are assisting in the planned births to accommodate schedule convenience or exasperation with discomfort of pregnancy.

Doctors are able to induce labour using the powerful drug oxytocin. Although a majority of inductions are performed for medical emergencies and have positive outcomes, in rare and growing cases, doctors are inducing women to accommodate busy schedules or alleviate the mother of ordinary discomfort associated with pregnancy.

A recent study reviewing the effects of oxytocin revealed numerous problems, including delays in detecting, appreciating and acting on an abnormal fetal heart rate. The drug works by acting on the smooth muscles of the uterus to stimulate contractions. The biggest problem arises when doctors fail to stop oxytocin when the baby’s heart rate falters. This mistake can cause immediate death. That is why some doctors are advising patients that unless the baby is safer out than in, the baby should not be induced.

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