Children’s Hospital Fungal Outbreak Kills Five Babies.

Tyrel Caden Gee was born premature on July 12, 2008. He died at only 44-days-old, while still in the Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit. Now six years later, Cassandra Gee has finally learned the cause of her son’s death. After reading an article on profiling five babies who died during 2008 and 2009 from a fatal fungal infection being passed through linens, Cassandra realized the first baby was actually her own son.

Cassandra remembers noticing a scratch near her son’s groin area. Overnight, that small scratch developed into a major infection that ate away at his skin. He died at only 44-days-old. Six years later, Children’s Hospital has publicly acknowledged the deaths of five pediatric patients over an 11-month span caused by mucormycosis, a deadly infection caused by fungi found in dirt and decaying organic matter. This specific outbreak was linked to contaminated linens provided to the hospital by TLC Services, a New Orleans laundry service contractor.

The parents of little Tyrel Gee have filed a lawsuit against TLC, Children’s Hospital and a second cleaning contractor. The Gee’s are the third family to file a lawsuit in this matter.

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