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Monitoring Fetal Heartrate Key In Preventing and Detecting Birth Injuries.

The number one thing that prospective parents will hope for regarding their new child is health. Thankfully, it is not entirely a game of chance, as pregnant women know to restrain from doing certain things while pregnant, such as drinking … Continue reading

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Fertility Clinic Denies Liability For Damage To Over 4,000 Eggs And Embryos.

Now that the traditional method of conception no longer represents the only path to childbirth and parenthood, more and more people are trusting fertility clinics to keep reproductive materials safe. With our advanced knowledge of genetics, potential parents have the … Continue reading

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Birth Injury Lawsuit Yields $9 Million For Plaintiff.

Birth injuries range in severity. In some cases, the injuries will heal with time. However, more severe cases that involve permanent disabilities will affect the infant, parents and family forever. Sadly, birth injuries occur every day in U.S. hospitals. There … Continue reading

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