After Giving Birth And A Series Of Surgical Procedures A New York Woman Pronounced Dead In A Harlem Hospital Center.

Every year, millions of women give birth to healthy babies in hospitals across the country. However, there are cases in which a woman may have difficulty during labor, difficulties that in rare cases can lead to serious injury and even death. This is why many soon to be parents trust medical doctors to utilize their knowledge, skill and available technology to make sure that the birthing process is carried out smoothly and properly. When physicians and their medical staff negligently fail to perform required steps in a procedure, they can be held accountable for their wrongful actions, especially if their negligence results in the patient’s death.

Amy Lam and her husband, Gilbert Kwok, were the proud parents of a young boy and expecting parents of a second son. This was until tragedy struck their family when Ms. Lam was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead less than twelve hours after giving birth prematurely to their second son. On August 1, 2016, Ms. Lam woke from her sleep feeling contractions. She went to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital. After being examined, she was told she wasn’t ready for labor and to return home. The next morning, she woke feeling intense pain and contractions and went into labor in the bathroom. After delivering the baby, she was transported to the closest hospital.

She had not yet delivered her placenta and was transferred to a labor ward where a doctor tried to remove it manually. This procedure was unsuccessful and Ms. Lam went into shock. Her heart rate and blood pressure dropped and doctors suspected she had begun to hemorrhage. The source of the bleeding was not obtained or identified and Ms. Lam was declared dead at 10:37 p.m. less than twelve hours after giving birth.

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