6 Year-Old Awarded $40.3 Million In Medical Malpractice Suit Relating To Injuries Suffered During Birth.

Although doctors and other medical professionals go through intense training and years of education, they are just like everyone else, namely human. As such, they are capable of making human mistakes. However, when they make a mistake, there is a risk that great bodily harm will result from it. Therefore, when something goes wrong due to the negligence of a medical professional, a medical malpractice personal injury lawsuit is often the only way to begin recovering. The experienced medical malpractice attorney specialists at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our Massachusetts based clients.

A 6 year-old Delaware County, Pennsylvania girl, whose spinal cord was injured during birth, has been awarded $40.3 million in one of the largest jury awards in that county. Her parents, Kira and Alex Charlton, filed the suit on their daughter’s behalf in Delaware County Court in February 2013. Grayson Charlton had been in the footling breech position, in which her feet would have been delivered first. At trial, their attorney, argued that the doctor did not properly protect the baby’s head and neck during such a high-risk birth.

As a result of the allegedly negligent delivery, the baby became paralyzed from the “mid-chest” down and is unable to stand on her own.  Grayson, who is in the first grade, receives therapy several days a week. Her attorneys argued that, because of the injury, Grayson is going to have to endure a lifetime of need which will be very expensive when you project it out over that child’s lifetime.

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