44 Year-Old Fetus Found Inside 84 Year-Old Brazilian Woman.

Doctors at a hospital in the Brazilian Tocantins state have reported an extremely rare and bizarre incident of a calcified decades-old fetus found inside an 84 year-old woman who was hospitalized following complaints of intense stomach pain.

According to the woman, 44 years ago she was having stomach pains while pregnant. The woman visited a healer who gave her medicine for the pains. The woman’s stomach stopped growing and the pain went away. The woman states that she believed that the child had been aborted.

According to the x-rays taken at the Brazilian hospital, the woman’s fetus died as a result of lithopedion, which is a rare occurrence during which a fetus grows and dies outside the uterus. The body, being unable to recycle out the dead fetus, covers the fetus in calcium thereby creating a “stone baby.” The Brazilian woman’s fetus is believed to have been between 20 and 28 weeks old when it died.

The woman has opted against having surgery. She will be treated with pain reducers and non-surgical methods.

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