$2.8 Million Settlement Achieved In Massachusetts Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit.

A Massachusetts family whose child suffered serious birth injuries will receive a $2.8 million settlement. Because of the birth injuries, the baby has several long-term health issues, including quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

With respect to the mother’s labor and delivery, a C-Section was ordered at 4:40 PM. But the C-section did not occur until 5:34 PM. When the baby was born, the child was blue and had no respiratory effort. The baby also lost blood after birth because the umbilical cord clamp became displaced.

The settlement was reached through mediation one week before the birth trauma negligence trial was scheduled to begin. The child is now 6 years-old and requires a special needs class. The mother gave birth to twins, but the other twin was not seriously injured during birth.

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