Wellesley, MA Teen With Cerebral Palsy Fulfills Dream of Playing Football.

Will Fahey, 17, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, suffered a birth injury that caused him to develop cerebral palsy and be confined to a wheelchair for most of his life.

But that birth injury did not stop the teenager from taking the first snap at the final Wellesley High School football game this season.

Fahey is able to walk and run in short spurts. Wellesley coaches decided to allow Fahey, whom they refer to as their “super-fan,” to play in their last football game.  Fahey fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing football when he started the game in full pads, and took the first hand-off on Wellesley’s first offensive possession, as opposing players allowed Fahey to scamper to his team’s sideline.

Fahey received high fives and cheers from fans and friends alike after the play.

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