Swedish Study Shows Strong Connection Between Birth Injury And Mental Health Issues In Teens.

There has been a new study released in Sweden that shows that children from a birth injury known as brachial plexus (“BPBJ”) are more likely to suffer from mental health problems as teenagers. BPBJ is a condition that affects nerve endings; it is often caused by the arms being damaged at birth. There is a wide discrepancy in damage and severity in these cases. But in the most severe cases, the child will not have any ability to move an entire arm.

This Swedish study reportedly utilized a national register data, which allowed for researchers from Lund University in Sweden to track more than 600,000 children born between the years of 1987-1993. While ultimately only a fraction of a percentage of those children born during that time, 1,600 had BPBJ. It was a common occurrence during the research to find a substantially higher use of medication for mental health among those children born with BPBJ than those born healthy.

The mental conditions associated with BPBJ can worsen, based on many different factors, but the two most relevant factors are apparently gender and wealth. Females who are born into a lower class and suffer from brachial plexus are at the greatest risk of developing poor mental health. While females, in general, often developed mental health problems at a higher rate than males, the same can be said for those born into lower income families as compared with higher income families.

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