New Study Shows That Physical Activity and Progressive Exercise Helps to Stave Off Negative Effects of Cerebral Palsy in Adults.

According to a study published in the journal, Obesity Reviews, physical activity and progressive exercise are instrumental in reducing declines in muscle strength, improving function, and reducing the rates of metabolic and cardiovascular disease in adults who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Mark Peterson, PhD, from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, along with his colleagues, has concluded after a lengthy study that avoiding sedentary behavior and engaging in certain types of physical exercise reduces the rate of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Such activity helps, as well, with respect to mortality, premature sarcopenia and functional deterioration in adults with cerebral palsy.

Peterson and his colleagues noted that a sedentary lifestyle is common among adults with cerebral palsy. This is due to the muscle degeneration, orthopedic abnormalities, chronic pain and fatigue, and other effects of the disease. The doctors concluded, however, that certain exercise regimens that avoid increasing pain and fatigue can reduce the rate of secondary co-morbidities.

The exercise routines in the study are meant to supplement existing physical and occupational therapies already prescribed to adults with cerebral palsy.

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