Michigan Woman Wins $13 Million Verdict in Birth Injury Lawsuit.

A jury in Genesee County, Michigan has awarded Libbey Bryson, 38, and her daughter, $12.9 million in compensation for the permanent injuries Bryson’s daughter suffered during her delivery at the Genesys Regional Medical Center.

In her court claim, Bryson alleged that during her daughter’s birth on January 1, 2008, doctors at the Genesys Regional Medical Center pulled too hard on her baby’s head when the baby got stuck between Bryson’s pelvic bones during the delivery process.  As a result of the doctors’ allegedly negligent actions, Bryson’s daughter suffered birth trauma that severed the nerves controlling her right arm, leaving her disfigured and unable to use her arm.  Bryson’s lawyers and experts were able to show that when the 8 pound, 8 ounce child became stuck, doctors should have performed an emergency Cesarean section or some other method that would not have put the baby girl at risk of injury.

Bryson’s attorney said the jury verdict will likely be reduced to about $4 million pursuant to the Michigan state cap on tort damages.

Genesys’s attorneys insisted that the doctors used accepted procedures at all times during the birth, and that Bryson’s daughter’s injuries were a result of the natural birthing process.  Genesys is considering its option to appeal the jury verdict.

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