Kentucky Opera Singer’s Career Is Apparently Over After Botched Birth Surgery.

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Kentucky Opera singer, Amy Herbst, has filed a lawsuit against the government in the federal court in Cincinnati after she recently gave birth to her son.

Mrs. Herbst is also an Army wife. She claims that her career is now likely over due to her digestive and reproductive system birth injuries suffered. The suit also lists Mrs. Herbst’s husband, Staff Sgr. James Herbst, as a plaintiff. . The couple’s complaint alleges that the nurse-midwife at the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital at Fort Campbell, Kentucky caused Mrs. Herbst substantial injuries during an episiotomy in February 2012. The nurse-midwife also allegedly did not ask Mrs. Herbst for her permission to perform the episiotomy.

After being released from the hospital, Mrs. Herbst felt fecal urgency and incontinence, including periodic leaking of stool and excessive flatulence. During a follow up appointment, she was told that the incision could not be repaired. A surgeon from Vanderbilt Hospital later told her she would need reconstructive surgery to fix the damage, although it was never promised the damage could be corrected back to normal and she was advised that the process could require additional reconstructive surgeries.

The suit asks for $2.5 million for loss of income, pain and suffering, and embarrassment. The suit also alleges that Mrs. Herbst can no longer perform her job as an opera singer due to her medical problems. If she decides to have the surgery, it would mean that any future children would need to be delivered by Cesarean section, which also would hinder any career in opera singing that she might still have.

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