Irish Girl Receives €198,00/ $247,965 for Birth Injury to Eye.

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An eight-year-old Irish girl, Princess, was injured at birth in October 2006 by forceps hitting her eye. The girl and her family has settled her lawsuit in the High Court in Ireland for €198,00/ $247,965.

Princess and her mother, Dzifa Ibeh, sued the Irish Health Services, who manages the St. Finbarr Hospital in Cork, Ireland, because of the injuries to Princess’s eye. After birth, the girl had cuts to her head, and her right eye was swollen and cloudy. Because of her eye injury, Princess may not be able to go after certain careers, such as the army or a member of the Irish police force. She currently has good vision, but has scarring under her right eye.

Princess’s lawyer argued to the court that the forceps that were used in her birth were used by a junior doctor and were inappropriate for birthing.

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