Family Files Birth Injury Lawsuit Against Doctors and Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth has enacted laws which protect the rights of our children and their families who suffer birth injuries at the hands of their doctors and nurses.  All too frequently, these medical professionals, upon whom we should be able to rely for professional treatment and care, act negligently, or worse, and we suffer the consequences.  If you or a loved one has suffered damages as a result of birth injury medical malpractice or the death of a child, call our Massachusetts birth injury attorney specialists today.

Deidre McDaniel became pregnant with her second child in 2012.  She went to Hampshire Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates Inc., where doctors informed her that, even though she had a caesarean section in her first pregnancy, she could still have a traditional delivery with her second child.  On June 19, 2013, McDaniel’s water broke.  Over several hours, the fetal monitor noted that the baby’s heartbeat was decelerating; however, McDaniel was allegedly not informed of the risks of proceeding with a vaginal birth.  Several doctors, including Jay W. Sprong and Lisa L. Stephens, treated McDaniel during her delivery.  Eventually, an emergency C-section was ordered after Stephens discovered that McDaniel’s uterus had ruptured.  McDaniel’s daughter was born and was immediately transferred to a hospital and treated for hypokalemia, hyperglycemia, abnormal brain function from oxygen deprivation, and seizures.

According to, McDaniel has filed a lawsuit against Sprong, Stephens, and Hampshire Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates Inc., based at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Massachusetts.  The lawsuit alleges that the doctors and the medical practice, in general, failed to warn McDaniel of the risks of having a traditional vaginal delivery after her previous cesarean delivery, and also failed to notice that the baby was in danger because McDaniel’s uterus had ruptured.  As a result of the doctors’ negligence, McDaniel’s daughter has reportedly significant brain damage and was diagnosed with two kinds of palsy.  McDaniel is seeking an unspecified amount of damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of her daughter’s companionship and care.

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