Belfast Couple Blame Hospital For Traumatic Birth Experience.

Louise Ireland and Patrick McCormack, of Belfast, knew their son had a very small percent change of surviving his birth, but they did not expect that the hospital workers would be so negligent in the birth that they would expose the Irelands to the child’s horrific injuries.

Louise Ireland and Patrick McCormack were told by doctors during her pregnancy that her son only had a 5% chance of surviving his birth.  Yet, they still wanted to see the pregnancy through and hoped for the best, so they still decided to go through with the pregnancy.  However, the experience ended up being extremely traumatic due to the hospital workers’ alleged negligence.

Ireland feels that the medical professionals who were delivering her baby did not listen to her as she screamed out in pain and begged them to perform a cesarean section.  Both her and her partner requested a cesarean section throughout the pregnancy, and were turned down.  However, the Belfast Trust believes this type of surgery would have been far too dangerous.  They express deep apologies to the couple at this difficult time.

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